Website Committee

The VAPS Website Committee was founded in September of 2018. The purpose of the Committee is to collect and discuss ideas for ways that our website can best represent the VAPS organization and offer information and services to the community. This committee also collaborates with the Executive Committee and our current website developer on improvements to and maintenance of the VAPS website, including its various functions. Our original website was developed in 2007 by Shirlee Wohl who maintained it faithfully for 9 years. From 2016-2021, the website platform was redesigned and reconstructed to include user login, online membership renewal, online conference registration and other administrative and tracking capabilities by website developer, Adam Tobey. Our present website developer is Penelope Hobbs.

If you need help with using/navigating the website, please email

Committee Members
Mark Washenberger
Committee Chair
Nathan Haskell
Member, Listserve Coordinator
Katherine Schla...
Aleta Vail
Gerri Oppedisano