2020 Annual Scientific Meeting by Zoom - Registration Closed

Through the Child Analytic Lens:

Applications of attachment theory to psychoanalytic practice


Norka Malberg, Psy.D.

Discussant: Mark Dangerfield, Ph.D.

We are delighted to welcome child and adult psychoanalyst Dr. Norka Malberg as our speaker for

our 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting by Zoom. In her morning paper, Dr. Malberg will focus on

attachment and sexuality as they manifest in children’s play, and in the developing person over

time. In the afternoon she will explore the therapeutic challenges that we confront in

psychoanalytic practice when working with children, adolescents, and adults online, especially

modifications needed to maintain the frame and the focus on attachment, relationship dynamics,

and development of mentalization capacities. Dr. Dangerfield will serve as discussant throughout

the day.


1. To understand the role of playfulness in the context of attachment and sexuality in both

child and adult clinical material.

2. To distinguish the differences between a more classical ego psychology treatment

focus and a mentalization influenced approach.

3. To understand the characteristics of a developmental psychoanalytic perspective and

how they benefit a flexible therapeutic stance while maintaining the therapeutic


4. To identify how the mentalization based treatment model can help to inform the

necessary modifications in technique inherent in our work online with children.

5. To distinguish technical modifications influenced by mentalization based theory in

the context of psychodynamic psychotherapy.


Norka Malberg, Psy.D. is a certified child and adult psychoanalyst who trained at the Anna

Freud Centre in London. She is co-editor of The Anna Freud Tradition, the first book in

Routledge’s “Lines of Development” series, and of the Child and Adolescent sections of the

PDM-2 (Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual). Known for her applications of attachment theory

to clinical work, Dr. Malberg has written and presented widely on mentalization-based

treatment for children and has been featured as a guest master clinician in such video series

as the APA’s Systems of Psychotherapy Video Series and Working with Emotions in Emotion-

Focused Therapy. Originally from Puerto Rico, Dr. Malberg teaches and lectures in Latin

America, Europe, and the United States in the areas of attachment, play, developmental

psychoanalysis, and children and trauma. She is currently in private practice in Barcelona,

Spain but remains Assistant Clinical Professor at the Yale Child Study Center, where she

conducts an early childhood seminar for child psychiatric residents.


Mark Dangerfield, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst who has worked for

over 25 years in pediatric hospitals and mental health services in Barcelona, treating

adolescents and adults. A member of the Spanish Society of Psychoanalysis and the

International Psychoanalytical Association, he is Clinical Manager of the Home Intervention

Team of the Vidal and Barraquer Foundation, a pioneering project in Spain that works with

non-help-seeking young people with high psychopathological and social exclusion risks,

based on the AMBIT model of the Anna Freud National Center for Children and Families in

London. Dr. Dangerfield is a Professor at the University Institute of Mental Health (Ramon

Llull University) and an AMBIT Trainer at the Anna Freud National Center.

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