Case Presentation and Discussion with Dr. Abbot Bronstein, PhD

VAPS is pleased to announce that in addition to the 2017 Scientific Meeting, our distinguished speaker, Dr. Bronstein, will be offering a professional development workshop. On the morning following the conference, Dr. Bronstein will facilitate a consultation and discussion of an analytic/clinical case presented by a local colleague. 

***We are currently looking for an analyst or analytically oriented therapist to be the presenter at this professional development workshop. This volunteer would be expected to present 2 to 3 recent sessions and a short history. Dr. Bronstein also asks that the presenter feel generally good about the work they are presenting. Please contact Barbara Richmond directly if you are interested in presenting a case at this workshop. It is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the work we do and the therapists who comprise this professional community. Barbara Richmond can be contacted at 802-238-0796 or ***

The case presentation will take place from 9am to noon on Sunday, October 29 at the office of Barbara Richmond, located at 3 Main Street, Suite 107, in Burlington.

We can accommodate 15 participants and we will fill those positions on a first come, first served basis. Enrollment is currently open!