2023 Scientific Conference - Preconference Webinar, on Zoom

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Solitude in the Creative Process and in Analysis, featuring Danielle Knafo, Ph.D.


In this pre-conference Zoom webinar, Dr. Knafo will lecture on artists’ solitude and the creative process. Dr. Knafo will examine aspects of solitude in relation to creativity and personal transformation, especially as it pertains to artists and their objects. Knafo argues that solitude is a core feature of the human condition and that it is inseparable from relatedness. Both solitude and relationship are layered and dynamically interactive states. The lecture also considers the relational needs that art objects serve for their creators. It will specifically address the uniqueness of women’s creative solitude. Finally, this lecture will speak of the solitude inherent in our profession as analysts.

This webinar is sponsored by the VAPS Applied Psychoanalysis Committee, and is designed for social workers, psychologists, psychoanalysts, mental health professionals, and psychiatrists, targeting intermediate to advanced level clinicians.

Please see the attached brochure for details about both this pre-conference event and the annual scientific conference the following day.